How They Build a Brompton

It is not a velomobile, but it is certainly a very valid part of a transport portfolio.  In the how-stuff-works category is the following, short US produced video, showing the manufacture of an iconic British folding bike, the Brompton.

Now what we need is a video showing a velomobile being made.

But wait we do!  Below you can watch an Alleweder A4 build itself – apparently untouched by human hands.

Oliebollentocht – Record Number of Velomobiles

Oliebollentocht Logo157 velomobiles participated in the 2012 Oliebollentocht, upping the record from 149 in 2011.  The day was clear and relatively warm for the time of year, which made for some good photography, and photos and videos from riders and others, are now appearing online.  Several are linked to from the Ligfiets page.

The ride commenced in Zwolle and, after counting for the record, the velomobiles left in groups of about 50.  Looking at the videos it is fair to say that the Quest and Strada velomobiles represented the largest group.  However there is a surprisingly large selection of machines to be seen, these included: Flevobike Orca/Versatile; various iterations of Alligt and Flevo Alleweders; WAW; Milan; a couple of Go-One Evo Ks; Velayo; and even a Leiba Classic.  The following video takes you on a wander round the parked velomobiles assembling for the ride.  The Duo Quest with a trailer also participated and is featured early in the video.  It is clear from what is shown, that at least three children could be transported in this way, though I read a report on the Strada 112 A blog that there were four children carried!

The following video also takes you around the assembling velomobiles but also includes some of the ride itself with a mixture of cockpit views and stills which all help to give a flavour of the day.

The next video is quite long at 24 minutes, but features an extensive cockpit eye view taken from a Quest equipped with a carbon race-cap.  The view is not all from the cockpit as the rider gets out several times including after rolling onto the ferry at Genemuiden.  It is amusing to see the small ferry overwhelmed by the number of velomobiles all trying to cross at the same time.  I believe Andre Vrielink can be seen on the ferry with a similar, if not the same, Orca that I test-rode last September.

The following is a much shorter video but with rather flashy production including quite a number of shots in fast-play, which create their own effect and impression.

To conclude there follows a compilation of well-shot video of one group en-route and obviously enjoying themselves.  David Hembrow of A View From the Cycle Path is featured smiling at the camera as he passes in his Mango.

To Dronten and back by Velomobile

Yesterday I cycled 45 km (28 miles) from Dronten to Putten in an Alleweder A4.

Photo of the Alleweder A4 in PuttenToday was unsettled and I waited till early afternoon before I returned.  On the return journey I managed to avoid getting lost in Harderwijk, as I had done yesterday, and also managed to follow a shorter route, less then 41 km ( miles).  As it happened, waiting for the weather to clear in Putten had minimum value as I had to contend with a lengthy shower from before Ermelo till I reached Harderwijk.  Once on Flevoland the weather was much improved and I had a mixture of sun shine and clouds all the way to Dronten.

Photo of Alleweder A4 on HarderdijkAgain I had opportunity to chat with Leo Vischer before retuning to Putten this time in a covered Sunrider.  I was able to follow the same route back with a couple of deviations which added approximately 1 km to the journey.  It was good to be able to compare the two different velomobiles over the same route, albeit in opposite directions, as there were both positive and negative differences, but more of that later.

Photo of a Sunrider outside AlligtThe mild soaking of the morning journey was nothing compared to the weather I had to contend with on the journey back to Putten.  The Sunrider cover proved it’s value!  My route took me along Harderdijk for about 5 km.  A straight two-way cycle path along the dyke separating Flevoland from the Zuider Zee.  For almost the whole length I was battered with a heavy squall.  The rain was so bad I had to cycle without my glasses.  While the Sunrider did leak in places, compared to the Alleweder I rode earlier, I was kept very dry!

Photo of Sunrider Velomobile looking along HarderdijkMy limited level of fitness prevents me from pushing these machines anywhere near there limits, and I am very slow, but I was pleased to observe I was able to cover almost twice the distance of my first day without the jelly-legs of the day before.  I am looking forward to the return journey tomorrow.