It is the intention, as time permits, to create a collection of pages with information, data, documents and links to content, relevant to Human Powered Vehicles and particularly to velomobile use and development.

Cycle and HPV Events

To start with a more comprehensive events page will be provided to complement the simple upcoming events list on the front page. This will cover both current and past events and provide links to related content where applicable.

Human Power Archive

A mirror of the Human Power archive is now available.  Work is still ongoing to populate the contents pages but this work should be completed shortly.  While the paper journal is no more, Human Power still exists in its current form as an eJournal, via the Human Power Institute (HuPI).

Academic Papers

A content summary of the Velomobile Seminar Proceedings will also be provided with links to where the papers can be obtained, where possible, along with other academic papers of interest.

Miscellaneous Links

A page linking all the HPV organisations and their websites will be provided. Additional links pages may be developed for other content as appropriate.