Graeme Obree’s Beastie undergoes full fairing trial

World Human Powered Speed Championships 2012 PosterAfter pulling out of the World Human Powered Speed Challenge last September due to an unready machine, Graeme has continued to work on his Beastie.  Development has now reached a stage where fully faired trials can take place and a Scottish venue has been found.  The Bicycle Design blog reported on trials that took place at Machrihanish in Argyle.  The site is a former RAF airfield with a 10,000 ft or 3 km (1.8 mile) runway, though part is still used as Campbelltown Airport.  Being both quiet and having the longest public runway in Scotland makes this ideal for Graeme’s attempt, given his self-imposed constraints.  He will however loose all the advantage of altitude at Battle Mountain, as Machrihanish’s runway is very close to sea-level.

The trial itself was limited by weather in particular the inability to see through the spray landing on the fairing.  This necessitated some surgery to the front to open a viewing port but Graeme reported that the Beastie handled very well.

Photo of the Beastie setting out down Machrihanish's RunwayHaving confirmed the design there will be further tweaks, particularly to the fairing, and then a wait for ideal weather.

Photo of the Beastiemuch more full report with more images is available on Human’s Invent.  Human’s iNvent are also to be credited for the above photos.

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