Roll Over America – The Book!

ROAM logoThe Roll Over America (ROAM) velomobile tour which took place in 2011 is now documented in book form.  Available either as an iBook for iOS 5 or 210 Mb PDF from Google Docs, Josef Janning chronicles the story of the first ever velomobile tour across the United States from Oregon to Washington D.C.  The 210 pages cover the 28 day, 5300 km journey in detail, together with additional material and comments from riders and observers.

Cover of ROAM the storyAs one would expect the opening chapter deals with the background and planning for the tour.  The book also closes with a number of after thoughts and hints at possible future tours of a similar kind in both the US and other parts of the world.

It is good to see ROAM documented in this, more permanent, fashion as the original site at, while reserved, no longer has any content accessible, demonstrating the frustratingly short life cycle of too much of the information available on the internet.

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