ELF velomobile surpasses Kickstarter goal

Photo of ELF velomobile and staff outside Organic Transit's premisesOrganic Transit’s Kickstarter project has been a huge success.  “Roll out the ELF to your City,” finished this weekend $225,789 was raised from 547 backers against a goal of $100,000.  That is a stagering 225% and almost double the amount pledged when we mentioned the project 3 weeks ago.

There is the following brief comment on Organic Transit’s facebook page:

Kickstarter is over and we more than doubled our goal!
Tiny vehicles that don’t pollute can now move forward and have positive effects globally.

This is the start of something really SMALL!

Thank you all.

We look forward to more “smallness” to come.

3 thoughts on “ELF velomobile surpasses Kickstarter goal

    • I’m not sure if lack of active suspension would be a major issue. If anything the ELF has even more passive suspension than the Rotovelo. With the ELF’s large size, frame construction and 26″ MTB wheels I expect it is capable of handling most surfaces it could be expected to encounter as a US city runabout. The Carbon Rotovelo post refers to a report by a US based Rotovelo rider which would seem to back this up. However going off-road (UK cycle tracks) or European cobbled city streets might be another matter. Organic Transit do say they would provide it if there was demand i.e. buyers willing to pay for the “luxury”.

  1. I love the whole idea of the ELF . The only thing I see that is lacking is a way to secure ( lock ) this when you leave this . I mean it might be nice to think no one will steal this , or vandalize this but hey I worry about having stolen or taken by some punk who chooses to steal/vandalize this . Also it would be an added plus if it wasn’t as wide as it is . I like the fact that the tires are as large as they are .

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