How do you see a Velomobile?

A humourous take on how your velomobile might appear to “others.”  Originally from the French velomobile blog

The Velomobile as seen by ...How we see ourselves and how others see us, can sometimes by surprisingly out of alignment.  It is always helpful to try and have a look through other people’s (or even animal’s) eyes, even if it only makes you smile.

One thought on “How do you see a Velomobile?

  1. Probably not far from the truth. While I’m not currently a velomobilist, normal recumbents (with exposed pedals) are clearly a source of extreme terror for horses. Dogs don’t like recumbents either – I’ve been chased when riding a road bike and recumbent, so I’m not sure.
    I’m not sure about the Batmobile, but perhaps owning a VM will clarify that.

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